Customs Warehouse And Terminal In Kosovo

Customs warehouse and customs terminal in Prishtina

Pro Transport has been offering full and partial transport of goods from European Union countries and Turkey to Kosovo and Albania and vice versa for several years, as well as full and partial maritime transport from Asia and other countries of the world.

Starting from April 2018, our company has been managing a Public Customs Warehouse in the Prishtina 3 Terminal in the village of Bresje, which enables immediate discharge of partial goods, which come from Slovenia and accomplishment of customs procedures separately and independently.

This service is active for all our customers and significantly speeds up clearance and release procedures, as upon the arrival of the truck at the Customs Terminal, all goods are then discharged to the Customs Warehouse and after the subjects have paid the respective customs duties, the goods are delivered to the customers according to the preliminary agreements.

Pro Transport Services
  • Storage and public housing of your goods in short and long-term periods.
  • Monthly contract for lodging goods at the customs warehouse.
  • Loading and unloading of goods on request.
  • Continuous monitoring and surveillance by camera during the handling and discharge as well as during the storage of the goods.
  • Representations and assistance in customs inspections.
  • Customs formalities in transit, export and import.
Your Advantages
  • An expedition in the completion of customs procedures and delivery of goods to the final destination.
  • A reduction in the waiting time for customs procedures and independence from other entities in the same truck/load list.
  • The Temporary Customs warehouse has secure and monitored facilities 24 hours/7 days a week in the Customs Terminal.
  • The warehousing of goods at a reasonable cost until facilitation of the customs procedures.
  • Saves you time and cost by using the services that the customs warehouse offers.
  • Our staff offers maximum quality and reliability in all administrative and operational procedures of each consignment, assisting you and your customs agents until the end of customs procedures.