About Us
Pro Transport

is a transportation company, which was established to lead and provide the necessary lines that are missing in the total quality of services, to fill in the gap created in the markets of Kosovo and the region in the transport and logistics sector.

Our international presence, experience, competencies and network allows us to make local, regional and international deliveries with a high quality service and competitive market prices.

Our Mission

is to provide reliable and quality services in order to empower the business of our clients and their development prospects.

Our services
  • Organization and management of transport services and logistics services.
  • Full and partial land transport from all countries of the region and Europe to Kosovo and Albania and vice versa.
  • Organized transport of dangerous goods.
  • Organization of special transports that are overweight and over dimension
  • Sea freight transport with full and partial containers.
  • Partial transport from China to Kosovo and Albania.
  • Transport and logistics projects for both short and long term periods.
  • Local and regional logistics services.
  • Consultancy services in the field of transport and logistics.
  • Storage of goods and services of customs formalities in Kosovo, Albania and Slovenia.
  • Knowledge, experience and professionalism in the transport services sector and international logistics.
  • Modern infrastructure our custom bonded warehouse in Škofja Loka (Slovenia) Prishtina (Kosovo) and in Durrës (Albania).
  • Professional and motivated staff.
  • Close cooperation with all shipping lines operating at the port of Durrës (Albania), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Bar (Montenegro).
  • Close cooperation and willingness to further develop the knowledge and skills that are reflected to our customers and the industry.
  • Wide networks in logistic services and transport of partial goods.
  • Extensive network of local, regional and international partners and associates.
Client Support

The importance of customer support is at the heart of our services – for this reason, this area has our special attention. Pro Transport offers full support during the execution of the services provided by all means of communication such as e-mail, landline phone, mobile phones, fax and physical contact. Pro Transport support is available for any issue 24/7.

Furthermore, Pro Transport is committed to cooperating and we are open to proposals and strategies that raise the total quality of services in order to enhance, improve and enrich business relations.